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Ritual and Ceremony

Ritual can be used for honoring life changes, healing imbalances, and targeting patterns of thought or action that interfere with our well-being. The use of ritual provides a bridge between our everyday existence and dimensions beyond our 'normal' consciousness.

Eleventh Hour Services

A dignified end of life should be an option available to anyone. The Road Home provides personal and ongoing support, especially in the final hours and immediately afterwards, when decisions are urgent and stress-levels are high.

Spiritual Eldering

Aging with grace and dignity is a challenge in 21st century America. Our society, as a whole, does not have models for eldering, though increasing numbers of the over-sixty five population are retiring 'creatively.' Our last years and decades may be the most meaningful and truly wonderful time of our lives.

Grief and Loss

After an emotional upheaval such as the death of a loved one or a major loss of any kind, we can be overwhelmed with our crash course in grief. The Road Home respects your individual grieving process and honors your right to go at your own pace.




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